Corporate Reporting

Calcbench’s interactive data platform is designed to support and enable your reporting efforts to make you more efficient in your current processes and give you the ability to efficiently collect information about your peers’ financial reporting.

From the blog: Does the SEC use XBRL data? You bet they do!

Examine Reporting Practices

Our Footnotes Query gives powerful insight into reporting methods used by peers and competitors. Save hours of digging with instant access to the disclosures your competitors are using, and which XBRL tags they choose. Using our new interactive footnote technology, pull numbers and tags right out of the text.

Improve Your XBRL Reporting

Use our Filer Portal to explore your XBRL filings. Review potential data problems, revision histories, and other items identified by our artificial intelligence tools. Unlike other consistency checks, we examine your filings in aggregate, and flag issues strictly from a data user's point of view. Request free access by checking the ‘request access’ box on the registration/user info page.

Examine Financial Statements

Use our Company in Detail tool for easy access to peer financial statements, as reported. Compare the number and text facts over time, examine tags and revisions histories, and easily export.
Reporting Professionals
FREE - Check your company’s XBRL filings for data errors & issues