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There’s no need to access a terminal to get your financial data. With Calcbench, all students and faculty have easy, individual access to 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, Proxy Statements, and Earnings Releases.

In the Classroom

We work with a range of schools, from regional colleges to Ivy League universities. Join professors such as Kristy Brooks-Olk, Associate Professor of Accounting, Finance and Business at Colorado Mountain College and Leslie Robinson, Professor of Accounting at Dartmouth College, who give students use Calcbench in the classroom for ‘real-life’ data.

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For all Modalities

Calcbench is great for online, hybrid, in-person, and experiential learning
  • Download financial statements
  • Look at how a company has progressed against their stated strategies
  • Show companies’ as-reported statements and subsequent revisions
  • Benchmark companies against their peers, industry and over time
See how Clinical Professor of Accounting Terry Campbell is using Calcbench in a remote experiential learning program at Indiana University.

Incorporate into Curricula

Calcbench is taught in conjunction with the following classes: data analytics, financial accounting (intro to advanced), managerial accounting, accounting information systems, financial statement analysis, audit & tax, investments, valuation, corporate finance, financial statement analysis, and more.

Hear Dr. Vern Richardson, Distinguished Professor of Accounting and W. Glezen chair, Walton School of Business at the University of Arkansas, speak about Data Analytics in Accounting.

Use in conjunction with your labs.

**Did you know Calcbench can fulfill the AACSB accreditation data analytics requirement?**

Prep Students for Industry Work

Demonstrate how to build successful skills. Get raw data and build Excel models with Calcbench.

Universities Get Behind the Data

Join top universities and thousands of students and professors who use Calcbench for teaching or to research in-depth financial topics.

Perform Cutting Edge Research

Still hand-collecting data? Calcbench removes the tedious data-collection part of research and let’s you focus on the interesting work, the analysis.

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Read how researchers, Associate Professor of Accounting, Bridget Stomberg at Indiana University and Rani Hoitash, the John E. Rhodes Professor of Accounting at Bentley University use Calcbench in their research.

We’re cited in dozens of academic papers. Here’s a snapshot.

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