Compare Multiple Companies

Calcbench’s Multi-Company viewer is used by finance leaders, analysts, researchers, and auditors to conduct more sophisticated competitor analysis, market trend analysis, investment research and more, and to get to critical decision points faster than ever before.

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Key Features
  • Research, screen, analyze & export from one fast and easy viewer
  • Side-by-side comparisons of standardized financial metrics and ratios for your own portfolio or peer group
  • Examine a peer group across multiple time periods in a single view
  • Instantly trace all metrics back to the source filing
What Sets Us Apart
  • Enables faster and more accurate collection of data and analysis for better decision-making
  • Allows users to collect hard-to-access data effortlessly and trace the source of the data
  • Provides access to data in a format that allows users to conduct analysis that was near impossible previously such as comparing any financial metric within seconds of the filing being made public

The advanced computational techniques that underpin the technology and the flexibility that is built into the platform allow users to conduct industry and competitive analysis, due diligence, macro trend analysis and more in new and innovative ways.

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At a glance:
1,000+ Standardized Metrics
12,000+ Company Universe
Updated in Real Time
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