API access is not included in the standard Calcbench subscription. Talk to us before you start programming.

Access Calcbench data with our JSON API

Most of the Calcbench data sets are served through the API.

API Clients

The easiest way use the API is our Python API client.

Download the client from Github.

Example Jupyter notebooks.

Other Languages



If you do not use the Python API client you will need to do your own authentication. Calcbench uses token based authentication. Clients need to submit the authentication token with each request. To get the authentication cookie POST to https://www.calcbench.com/account/LogOnAjax with form-data:
The email address you use to log in on Calcbench
Your Calcbench password.

Push Notification

Be alerted immediately after Calcbench processes filings. Contact us if you would like to use the new filings push system and we will issue you a subscription. Example

End Points