Who Uses Calcbench?

From leading Business Schools to top equity analysts, Calcbench is helping data hungry researchers change the way they work. We deliver top quality, interactive finance and accounting data from over 12,000 US publicly listed companies, in more detail and faster than ever before. Here’s what some of our users have to say.
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"XBRL Will Change Your Research Analyst Life."
– Enterprising Investor Blog
CFA Institute
"Calcbench can't be beaten. It's fast, flexible, and friendly, and lets our team pull data out of those hard-to-reach places - like footnotes and balance sheet details - with an ease that older databases can't come close to matching."
– Jack T. Ciesielski, CPA, CFA,
President, R.G. Associates, Inc.
& The Analyst's Accounting Observer
"Financial disclosure information that typically took a year to collect and verify now takes a week using the Calcbench platform. For our research, we use Calcbench for information that had not been available from any source other than hand collection."
– Paul K. Chaney, Ph.D.,
E. Bronson Ingram Professor in Accounting
Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University
"The biggest value we get from Calcbench is gaining better access to hard-to-find footnote data that we use in our research. Calcbench is making great strides in how industry can leverage XBRL data to improve access to valuable financial information, and we are pleased to be working with them."
– David Zion,
Zion Research Group LLC
"Calcbench has been a real benefit for our fundamental analysis research. It’s easy to use, but also extremely useful for accessing complicated footnote data."
– Trevor S. Harris, Ph.D.
Arthur J. Samberg Professor of Professional Practice
Columbia Business School
Former Vice-Chairman, Morgan Stanley
"I brought my reporting team in my office, logged into Calcbench…and within 5 minutes, found filers, the tags used and how they presented it in their financials. Armed with the examples, our controller bought into our recommendation, and our auditors quickly followed suit. In the past, they would have spent a few hours hunting and pecking trying to find examples. And utilizing your tool got us past this sticking point, enabling us to hit our aggressive filing deadline."
– FP&A Director,
Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer
"I see tremendous value in our university-wide access to Calcbench. Our professors can use Calcbench to enhance their own academic research, while students use it in the classroom to improve their learning and get exposure to real world financial analysis."
– Craig M. Lewis, Ph.D., CPA
Madison S. Wigginton Professor of Finance, Vanderbilt University
Former Chief Economist and Director of Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, SEC
"Using Calcbench in several of the Master's of Science of Accounting courses provided me with one of the most amazing teaching moments of my academic career. Within minutes of being introduced to Calcbench, the students were able to navigate the program, perform analysis, and analyze complex financial statements. Their enthusiasm for the product was unanimous because they immediately saw how they could get to the heart of financial analysis without spending hours gathering information and creating spreadsheets before being able to analyze the financial statements. They wanted to know why everyone isn't using Calcbench."
– Kristine Brands, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & MSA Program Chair
Regis University
"I find Calcbench to be an excellent resource for my classes at NYU Stern. It is quick, convenient, and user friendly. My students need to analyze statements "as is" without any standardization by a third party. For that purpose, Calcbench is the best resource that I have come across."
– Dan Gode, Ph.D., Professor of Accounting
Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University
"Calcbench collects and provides unique data that is not available elsewhere. I have relied on XBRL data from Calcbench to conduct my research. As a result, I was able to construct a unique and interesting measure of accounting complexity."
– Rani Hoitash, Ph.D.
Gibbons Research Professor of Accountancy
Bentley University
"We are creating a new Sustainable Investing (SRI) student managed investment fund at Cal State Northridge to join the existing student managed funds. The Disclosure search is extremely helpful for our student analysts as they research litigation and environmental exposure and as they identify and assess relationships with other entities. Calcbench provides an extremely efficient and powerful platform for fundamental investment research and I believe it should be a key part of every University's investments laboratory."
- G. Michael Phillips, Ph.D.
Professor of Finance, Financial Planning, and Insurance and
Director, Center for Financial Planning and Investment
David Nazarian College of Business and Economics
California State University, Northridge
"A lot of the fundamental analysis based research I do for the classroom and the academic and practitioner audience would not be possible without Calcbench."
- Shiva Rajgopal
Kester and Byrnes Professor of Accounting and Auditing
Vice Dean of Research
Columbia Business School
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