Auditors use Calcbench to improve audit planning, conduct analytical procedures, substantive testing, and risk analysis with significantly greater efficiency and cost effectiveness by leveraging the power of XBRL data.

Examine Reporting Practices

Our Footnotes Query allows auditors to examine how different disclosures are reported in a client’s industry and peer group. This includes the wording used in the disclosure and the XBRL tags used.

Build Expectation Models

Calcbench's Premium Suite makes it easier for auditors to build expectation models by collecting normalized financial data for their clients and their clients’ peers and including that data in the expectation models.

Conduct Risk Assessments

Using our Company in Detail and Multi-Company tools, auditors can quickly review a client’s financial data over time to understand trends and identify anomalies and risks. This analysis is enhanced by comparing and benchmarking the client’s data against peer’s data.

Auditor and Audit Fee Standardized Data

Audit fees, audit related fees, auditor tax fees and other auditor fees. In addition, the data includes the name of the auditor for each company.