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Finance leaders use Calcbench for competitor analysis and benchmarking, identifying market trends, supply chain analysis, M&A analysis, and more. Our online platform and Excel add-in allow CFOs and other corporate finance professionals to finally spend their time answering questions rather than hunting for data.

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Enhance Your Corporate Reporting

Research other company’s disclosures in our Footnotes Query to:
  • Identify how other companies have adopted new accounting standards
  • See how firms are reporting various footnote topics
  • Understand how companies are presenting and tagging data

"We decided to implement the ASU 2016-18, Restricted Cash, but we didn’t know how to present and tag our Statement of Cash Flows properly. Given the young age of the standard, we were unsure how widely it had been adopted…. We also had a tight deadline and needed a solution our controller would approve and our auditors would agree to - fast. In the past we would have tasked a few analysts to search for any company that had restricted cash, and then see whether that company had adopted the new accounting standard. Now we use Calcbench."

Don’t hunt for the needle in the haystack by manually searching financial statements. Access all the data in face financials and footnotes within a couple of clicks.

Ace Peer Benchmarking

Create side-by-side peer comparisons using our Multi-Company tool.

Select sectors, indexes, or create your own customized peer group to monitor competitors or see how peers are presenting and tagging data.

Use our Analytics tool to evaluate your performance against peers by common sizing financial statements.

Who is spending the most on CapEx, or making the largest acquisitions in my sector? Taxes, retirement plans, audit fees, director hours, easily answering these kinds of detailed questions, with data from the full universe of public company filings.

S&P 500 Companies Get Behind the Data

Join numerous Fortune 1000 FP&A and Corporate Reporting teams that use Calcbench to enhance their investor and board presentations and corporate filings.

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