Calcbench Excel Add-in

The fastest and easiest way to work with SEC filing data in Excel.

Calcbench clients can now access hundreds of normalized accounting metrics, full financial statements, and raw XBRL tags for 12,000+ publicly traded companies directly in Excel.

From topline metrics - like Revenue and Assets - to harder-to-find footnote data - like Work in Process Inventory, Deferred Income Tax Expense, or Product Warranty Accrual - Calcbench put standardized and as reported metrics in Excel via simple formulas. Full statements can also be accessed with just a few clicks.

Calcbench subscribers can download the add-in from, and new users can sign up for a free 2 week trial.

Some of the functionality of our Excel Add-in is available in our Google Sheets Add-on.

Key Features
  • Get entire financial statements and thousands of data points directly in Excel
  • Powerful formula builder gets you started in seconds
  • Easily keep your models and reports up-to-date with the latest financial data
What Sets Us Apart
  • Create Interactive Spreadsheets. Users can trace data back to the text for full context
  • Enables users to leverage Calcbench data to create your own models and reports efficiently
  • Allows for easy creation of customized measures and reports in Excel
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