Earnings Press Release Data

Fully searchable, complete line-item detail from public company earnings press releases since 2010, with tracing back to the source text. Contact us to get started with earnings data.
Standardized Metrics
  • Non-GAAP financial metrics
  • Company guidance/outlook
  • Operating metrics such as Comperable Store Sales and Backlog
Searchable database of raw numbers & text
  • Earnings press releases
  • Preliminary earnings releases
  • Guidance updates
Data in Real Time

As new press releases come in, data is automatically merged in line item detail with existing financial statements. In addition, you can read, search, and compare earnings releases over time and across company using our Text Disclosure Query. Please note, some earnings release related features may require a subscription upgrade. Additional features include:

Look at guidance and non-GAAP financial metrics alongside an individual company's income statement:

Easily build and update models in Excel JUST BY CLICKING on numbers in Earnings Releases:

At a glance:
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