XBRL Filer Information Portal

CORPORATE REPORTING PROFESSIONALS: Your XBRL data quality directly affects our success as data and analysis provider. So why not let us help you get it right?

Use our filer portal to explore your universe of filings, with flags for potential date errors, scale errors, sign switches, revisions, and more. Unlike other consistency checks, we examine your filings in aggregate, and flag issues strictly from a data user's point of view. Plus additional error checking tools and reports are coming soon.

Request free access to your company's portal now. Check the "Request Access" box on your user info page. If you are creating a new account, please make sure to use your company email address.

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Some examples:

"Document and Entity" Errors:

Errors of Scale:

Sign Switching, improper +/- sign usage:

Revisions; changes in the reported value for a particular time period between filings:
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