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Leases - What Lies Beneath? (7/2018)
   → Data File By Request
New FASB lease standard means bigger balance sheets and adds new unpredictability to the income statement.
New in 2018 - CEO Pay Ratios (6/2018)
   → Data File By Request
Sustainability in Corporate Filings (6/2018)

S&P 500 Tax Reconciliation: Who Claimed What in 2016 (11/2017)
   → Data File By Request
Analysis of 2016 tax reconciliation items among S&P 500.
What Do Companies Really Pay In Income Tax? (10/2017)
   → Data File: Tax Rate Data
Analysis of effective tax rates among the S&P 500.
Revenue Recognition Standard & The Software Sector (8/2017)
   → Data File: Deferred Revenue Data
New revenue standard ASC 606, Contracts With Customers, and its potential effect on deferred revenues in the software sector.
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