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Worldlocity 2020 Software Report (4/2020)
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Executive Compensation: Studying 4500 U.S firms from 2010 through 2018 (3/2020)

Operating Lease Assets: Enter the Impairments (1/2020)

Operating Leases - A Look At Large Retailers (10/2019)

Operating Leases On The Balance Sheet (7/2019)
Analysis of new reporting standard among S&P 500.
Trends in Capex Spending 2010-2018 (5/2019)
   → Data File: CAPEX Data

Goodwill - Tracking Performance of Past Acquisitions (2/2019)

Leases - What Lies Beneath? (7/2018)
   → Data File By Request
Upcoming FASB lease standard means bigger balance sheets and adds new unpredictability to the income statement.
New in 2018 - CEO Pay Ratios (6/2018)
   → Data File By Request

Sustainability in Corporate Filings (6/2018)

S&P 500 Tax Reconciliation: Who Claimed What in 2016 (11/2017)
   → Data File By Request
Analysis of 2016 tax reconciliation items among S&P 500.
What Do Companies Really Pay In Income Tax? (10/2017)
   → Data File: Tax Rate Data
Analysis of effective tax rates among the S&P 500.
Revenue Recognition Standard & The Software Sector (8/2017)
   → Data File: Deferred Revenue Data
New revenue standard ASC 606, Contracts With Customers, and its potential effect on deferred revenues in the software sector.

What Filers Should Know about the Quality of XBRL (6/2014)

Calcbench XBRL Data Quality Report (6/2014)
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