Calcbench "Will Change Your Research Analyst Life"

Top Investors Are Choosing Calcbench for Fundamental Research

Whether you need easy access to hard-to-find financial data, a better way to research company footnotes, or a new method for generating investment ideas, Calcbench’s cutting edge research platform is a must have for the data intensive analyst. PLUS, there are no redistribution restrictions for analyst reports. Download our one page PDF.

Got Equity Research Headaches? Calcbench Can Help!

"Calcbench can't be beaten. It's fast, flexible, and friendly, and lets our team pull data out of those hard-to-reach places - like footnotes and balance sheet details - with an ease that older databases can't come close to matching."
– Jack T. Ciesielski, CPA, CFA,
President, R.G. Associates, Inc.
& The Analyst's Accounting Observer

Search, Analyze & Generate Winning Ideas

Calcbench’s Multi-Company and Query Financials tools give you easy access to detailed, hard to find footnote data. Find obscure data points and get more detail with granular breakouts.

Work online or directly in your Excel models.

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Get to the Text and Numbers, Faster

A faster, better way to research 10-K and 10-Q footnotes. Get right to the text and numbers you need. Research across entire industries faster and easier than ever before.

Examples include tax disclosures, lease accounting, financial instruments at fair value, and share-based compensation.

Harnessing the Power of XBRL

Calcbench is the first company to fully harness the power of the new interactive data standard XBRL, yielding an unprecedented direct line into the SEC’s corporate financial data repository.

What’s in XBRL?
Face financials and footnotes from annual and quarterly reports from 9,000 US listed public companies.