Interactive Disclosures & Footnotes

Explore, search, and compare disclosure text like never before.
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Key Features
  • Interactive disclosure viewer like you haven’t seen before
  • Explore company filings by topic section (e.g. Leases, Business Combinations, MD&A, or Auditor's Report)
  • Pinpoint text search within topic, disclosure section, or filing type
  • Compare by peer group, time period, or date
  • Pull any number or table directly into Excel

What's inside
  • 10-K & Q sections, like Management’s Discussion and Analysis (MD&A), or Risk Factors
  • Individual footnotes, such as Inventory or Business Combinations
  • Earnings press releases & 8-Ks
  • Proxy Statements & Comment Letters

The Power of Calcbench
  • Use Calcbench’s Multi-Company page to compare to peers
  • Go deeper with Calcbench’s Company Detail page for as-reported financials
  • Automate your company-in-detail searches with our API.

With the ability to drill down into the footnotes of any related face financial with a single click, examine the history of any number reported in the footnote, and identify and review multiple disclosures across a set of companies in a single window, Calcbench’s Disclosures & Footnotes Query is uniquely suited to answer questions that cannot be answered with this level of granularity with any other tool.

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