Calcbench "Will Change Your Research Analyst Life"

Top Investors Are Choosing Calcbench for Fundamental Research

Whether you need easy access to earnings release data, hard-to-find financial data, a better way to research company disclosures, or a new method for generating investment ideas, Calcbench’s cutting edge research platform & Excel Add-in are must haves for the data intensive analyst. PLUS, there are no redistribution restrictions for analyst reports.

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"Calcbench can't be beaten. It's fast, flexible, and friendly, and lets our team pull data out of those hard-to-reach places - like footnotes and balance sheet details - with an ease that older databases can't come close to matching."
– Jack T. Ciesielski, CPA, CFA,
President, R.G. Associates, Inc.
& The Analyst's Accounting Observer
Read the Disclosures   |   Get the Numbers   |   Build Your Model
Trust & Understand the Data   |   *Do It Fast*

Actually READ the Disclosures

We’ve made ‘disclosure’ a single, interactive experience.

Don’t dig through filings! Go to one place and quickly drill down to the specific information you want.

Absurdly easy to use & pin point searchable.

Get the Numbers

Is your data playing hard to get?

How much are you paying your analysts to collect data by hand?

Calcbench puts an end to the ‘hunting and typing.’

Earnings releases, footnotes, proxy….we can get you numbers in line item detail from all the dark corners of the filings.

Build Your Model

We’ve built an unparalleled link between the web and Excel.

New earnings release or 10-K comes in? Just click on the numbers to fill your model.

And right-click any cell to trace to the source document.

Trust & Understand the Data

Interactive tracing of every number, on the web and in Excel.

*Do It Fast*

Filings and data within minutes of leaving the CFO’s desk.
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  • Data in MINUTES of Press Release, 10 K or Q filed
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