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Calcbench Data Sets

Calcbench Data Sets

Calcbench is the first company to fully harness the power of XBRL, giving you an direct line into the SEC’s corporate financial data repository.

Subscription Data Set Description Web Page Excel API Sample
Premium $4K/User/Year As-Reported Face Statements Company financials including income statement, balance sheet and statement of cash flows, in line item detail. All of the numbers are as the appear in document filed by the company. Company-In-Detail As-Reported Download As-Repoted API End-Point
Standardized Over 1,000 standard data points, ranging from the basics, like Revenue and Assets, to unique, hard to find items like Standard Product Warranties and Unremitted Foreign Earnings. Compare across companies, industries, time periods, etc. Full List Multi Company Standardized Metrics Standardized API End-Point
Segments As reported line item detail from company schedules and roll-forwards, including revenue by geographic and operating segment, business combinations, deferred tax assets and liabilities. Segment Segments Segment End-Point
Footnote/Document Text Notes supplementary data related to the financials. Organized by disclosures type, and fully indexed for searching. Footnotes Footnote Viewer Footnote End-Point
Professional $10K/User/Year Raw XBRL Database Tags and values in our proprietary database. Raw XBRL
Auditor Fees & Flags Audit fees, audit related fees, auditor tax fees and other auditor fees, plus auditor name and start year. Also, flags from the Audit Report, and Managament Controls & Procedures report highlighting control failures, etc. Auditor Fees
Mergers and Acquisitions Multiple metrics related to M&A activity including: purchase price allocation, acquisition date, acquisition related costs. Mergers and Acquisitions
Pensions/Defined Benefit Plans Points related to pension plans including Costs, Obligations and Assets, Rate Asumptions, Projections, and Plan Assets at fair value. Talk to us
Summary Executive Compensation & Directors' Compensation Summary data for a variety of executive compensation metrics including: total compensation, share based, stock awards, bonus, in total and for each individal executive. Also, similar data for directors' compensation. Talk to us
Revisions and Restatments A comprehensive list of revisions and restatements Filer Portal
Non-GAAP Metrics from Earnings Press Releases Company specific measures used to describe operating performance. Earnings Release Data Guide To Analyzing Earnings Press Releases
Guidance/Outlook from Earnings Press Releases Management's projections for the following periods. Earnings Release Data Guide To Analyzing Earnings Press Releases
Negotiated Point-In-Time Standardized Our standardized data with the timestamp at which the data became available as well as subsequent revisions. Used for building and back-testing algorithms. Talk to us Point-In-Time API End-Point
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