Monday, November 22, 2021

Good news for financial analysts who missed our webinar last week on supply chain disruptions: we have now posted the entire discussion to the Calcbench YouTube channel, so that you can watch it at your leisure.

The webinar is one hour long and features the entire Calcbench gang, both taking a macro-economic look at supply chain pressures and offering specific examples of how you can find such data yourself in various pockets of the Calcbench data archive.

The complete agenda is as follows:

  • CEO Pranav Ghai starts with general observations on supply chain disruption & its effects on operating margins, cost of goods sold, and similar key financial disclosures.
  • Chief product development officer Ariel Markelevich then talks about where one can find information on supply chain issues in the earnings statement; and the important role that narrative disclosures in the footnotes can play to help an analyst find and understand the important details.
  • Chief technology officer Alex Rapp walks through a real-life example of which firms can benefit from these disruptions — and how to study the data to determine how real those benefits are, or are not.
  • And senior analyst Andrew Kittredge wraps up with an example of how to model supply chain issues and operating margins in Python using the Calcbench API, for all the advanced data aficionados out there.

We also include a short video at the end celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Calcbench, which just happened a few weeks ago — but really, we’re all about the data.

Anyway, the webinar is on our YouTube channel, or you can watch in the player below. Enjoy!

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