The second quarter of 2024 has now closed, which means earnings reports for Q2 activity will start arriving in about two weeks (and then become a torrent by end of July). 

To help analysts prepare for that deluge of information, Calcbench reminds everyone that we have several earnings analysis templates ready to go, which will automatically capture and report earnings disclosures as your favorite companies and industry sectors file.

For example, we have our pharmaceuticals industry template, which tracks the sales of blockbuster drugs. Each of several pharma industry giants (Merck, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson) gets their own tab in the spreadsheet, and then each company tab tracks sales of individual drugs that reap $1 billion or more in revenue. 

We also have our airlines industry template, which tracks performance metrics such as revenue per available seat mile (RASM), cost per available seat mile (CASM), ticket revenue, fuel cost per gallon, and more. You can see a summary for all airlines in the current quarter; or historical data per airline with each in their own dedicated tab. 

We are also working on templates for the banking industry, to track deposits and non-performing assets over time, soon to be released to subscribers. And of course, if you have suggestions for other industry templates we should develop, drop us a line at any time! We’re happy to collaborate and give you what you need. 

One caveat: the automated population of fresh data into our templates only works if you (1) are a Calcbench professional-level subscriber; and (2) have installed our Excel Add-in. If you need help with either of those requirements, let us know and we’ll walk you through it.

Separately, we also have a bunch of other templates to perform income tax analysis, DuPont ratios, impairments analysis, and more. Those templates also need the Calcbench Excel Add-In to work, but once you have that installed it’s smooth and easy sailing. 

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