Friday, April 26, 2024

All right, financial analysts everywhere — the Calcbench Earnings Tracker is back in the house, with our first look at earnings for Q1 2024!

We track these earnings using our Earnings Tracker template, which pulls in financial disclosures as companies file their latest earnings releases with the Securities and Exchange Commission. The Earnings Tracker provides an up-to-the minute snapshot of financial performance compared to the year-earlier period.

Today is our first look at first-quarter numbers. As of 3 pm ET this afternoon, we had data for roughly 350 non-financial companies. The headline numbers are in Figure 1, below.

As you can see, revenue is up 3.6 percent compared to the start of 2023, although net income is down 4.8 percent. There’s no cause for alarm about that net income number yet; by the end of earnings season in a few weeks’ time all these numbers might look quite different. 

We also track cost of revenue to get a read on where inflation is going these days. So far cost of revenue is up only 1.1 percent. We’ll be sure to forward our data to Federal Reserve economists so they can hyperventilate about inflation signals properly.

Figure 2, below, shows essentially the same data from above in chart format.

We will continue to update our earnings tracker at the end of every week for the next few weeks, as quarterly reports flood into the database. 

If Calcbench subscribers wish to get their hands on the template we use for this analysis, so you can conduct your own experiments at home, use this link to the file

Please note that it will only work with an active Calcbench subscription. If you need an active subscription (and who doesn’t, really, when swift access to real-time data is so important?), contact us at

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