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Academics use Calcbench to aid in classroom instruction and perform cutting edge research. Our interactive platform plus Excel add-in gives breakthrough access to hard to get data from 10-Ks, 10-Qs, 8-Ks, Proxy Statements, Earnings Releases and more. Plus there’s no need to go to the library and use a terminal. Our low-cost flat fee academic license gives full use to faculty and students from their own computers. Click here for more about our special academic pricing.

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Universities Get Behind the Data

Join top universities and thousands of students and professors who use Calcbench for teaching or to research in-depth financial topics.

"I see tremendous value in our university-wide access to Calcbench. Our professors can use Calcbench to enhance their own academic research, while students use it in the classroom to improve their learning and get exposure to real world financial analysis."
– Craig M. Lewis, Ph.D., CPA
Madison S. Wigginton Professor of Finance, Vanderbilt University
Former Chief Economist and Director of Division of Economic and Risk Analysis, SEC

Enhance Classroom Learning

Use Calcbench’s Analysis Suite in the classroom for real-world experience with financial statement analysis, financial accounting, auditing, and accounting information systems using live XBRL interactive data. Work online or in our powerful Excel Add-in.
Also, satisfy AACSB standard (A06) by using Calcbench to develop skills related to big data analytics, data mining, or data reporting
"I find Calcbench to be an excellent resource for my classes at NYU Stern. It is quick, convenient, and user friendly. My students need to analyze statements "as is" without any standardization by a third party. For that purpose, Calcbench is the best resource that I have come across."
– Dan Gode, Ph.D., Professor of Accounting
Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University

Conduct Robust Financial Research

Use our Query Financials Tool to extract data for in-depth academic research—review detailed financial data and get full transparency of source documents.

  • Query on hundreds of face and footnote metrics, or make a specialized request for your own specific needs.
  • Keep up to date as Calcbench’s cutting edge, real time data universe is updated hourly, as companies file.
"Calcbench remains the single best resource that my students are able to use for our student-managed investment fund."
– G. Michael Phillips, Ph.D.
Professor, David Nazarian College of Business and Economics, CSUN

Analyze Unique and Hard to find Data

Calcbench's Footnotes Query turns text disclosures into live documents using our interactive footnote technology.

Save time and learn more while researching hard to find information. Organize disclosures by type for an entire group of companies, then double click on any number for more details.
*For more information about academic pricing and how to use Calcbench in the classroom, please contact us.
"Using Calcbench in several of the Master's of Science of Accounting courses provided me with one of the most amazing teaching moments of my academic career. Within minutes of being introduced to Calcbench, the students were able to navigate the program, perform analysis, and analyze complex financial statements."
– Kristine Brands, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor & MSA Program Chair, Regis University

How is Calcbench Used in the Classroom?

Accounting financial data is often used in a class environment. Professors are typically eager to use "real life" data from "real" company filings with the SEC, and some professors are now using Calcbench in their classroom. Uses include introductory accounting classes which use the data for simple financial statement analysis projects. Financial statement analysis classes can use the financial data for benchmarking, creating peer groups for the analyzed company. Auditing classes can use the benchmarking tool to examine the company they are looking at and perform some analytical procedures. Calcbench is also used in data analytics classes.

There are several easy ways to get students involved in "real" data. One possible assignment that would help students understand difference between industries would be to ask them to calculate a few basic ratios (e.g., current ratio, debt to equity, ROA) for SIC 2000 (food and kindred products), compared to 5000 (Wholesale-durable goods). The students can use the already calculated ratios from the drop down menu or they can be asked to export the required data to Excel and calculate the values themselves. Another possible assignment would be for students to choose a company they are interested in and they could be asked to form peer group to compare the company to. The peer group they create can be based on the competitors the company identified in their MD&A or based on the company’s industry. Either way, this would give students some context and reference points for a more meaningful analysis.

Many students have limited or no access to easy to use databases that include "real life" data because of the cost involved. If you’re planning on using Calcbench as a teaching tool please let us know so we can ensure you and your students will have uninterrupted access.

"A lot of the fundamental analysis based research I do for the classroom and the academic and practitioner audience would not be possible without Calcbench."
- Shiva Rajgopal
Kester and Byrnes Professor of Accounting and Auditing
Vice Dean of Research
Columbia Business School

Here are some examples for using Calcbench in class or for your research:

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