As you may have seen in previous Calcbench blog posts, we love corporate operating segments. For example, we’ve looked at the effect of blockbuster drug sales on pharmaceutical company revenue, as well as the potential effect on revenue as Medicare begins negotiating with pharma firms on drug prices.  

Today we are giving clients access to three firms as a small example of the data we track. Those firms are:

  • Johnson & Johnson ($JNJ)
  • Merck ($MRK)
  • Pfizer ($PFE)

Each of these firms has one or more billion-dollar blockbuster drugs. Our template, shared via DropBox, automatically pulls the quarterly revenue for each of those drugs so you can compare sales over time. 

By using our template, Calcbench clients can automate the data collection of the sales that the firms report for those specific drugs within a few minutes of the information being made public through the earnings press release. This means that you don’t have to wait until the 10-Q is reported to get this information (although the information from the 10-Q is also available formulaically when that document is made public). 

Keep in mind, Merck and Pfizer have yet to file their Q3 reports; Merck reports on Oct. 26, Pfizer on Oct. 31. You'll be able to get all that segment-level data immediately upon those quarterly reports being filed. (Johnson & Johnson already filed on Oct. 17.)

Since this is a template, our clients can use the formulas in it to expand the use to other companies you might want to follow.

Also, as a bonus to subscribers, we have a second template which will give a client top-level income statement information. The template updates in real time as filings come in for a list of firms (such as the S&P 500) and acts as a scorecard of sorts. It's the same template we use for our earnings scorecard that we've been updating this earnings season.

We look forward to your using the template and for your feedback! If you need our assistance, please email

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