Sunday, April 30, 2023

At Calcbench, for the week ending Apr 28, 2023, we gave our users a sample of some of the things that we were seeing on a firm level.  The reports were voluminous, and we took a small sample of things that crossed our desk and shared them.  We will recap those things below.  

But before we start with the re-cap, so far, we have found reports for 259 S&P 500 firms that also reported data as of a year ago for Q1.  We quickly summed up both the revenue reported for those 259 and the GAAP Net Income and found that revenue has grown by 3.6% on average for those firms, while Net Income fell by 1.9% year over year.  

Some of our individual firm level insights included observations from the earnings reports of ...

Pepsi versus Coca-Cola





Next week promises to bring as much excitement!  

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