Thursday, April 20, 2023

Eager to geek out on the details of all those Q1 2023 earnings reports now starting to arrive? Calcbench has you covered. Today we offer two quick examples of how to find niche data from the filings, and how to analyze trends in that niche over time.

We start with AT&T ($T), which filed its first-quarter 2023 earnings release on Thursday. The company stated that revenues were up 1.4 percent overall to $30.1 billion, and services revenue in particular were up more than five percent. As you can see in Figure 1, below, that jump in services revenue was driven by “postpaid average revenue per user” (ARPU).

Calcbench has a database function that extracts metrics such as ARPU and allows you to compare prior disclosures of that metric over time. We fired up that database superpower to get first-quarter ARPU for the last three years; the entire exercise took about three seconds. See Figure 2, below.

The point here is that you can look top down, or bottom up. We have the tools to help.

Example 2: Time Series Data

SL Green Realty ($SLG) released its earnings report after the market-close on Wednesday. Within that report was a sentence saying that the company signed 41 office leases in its Manhattan office portfolio totaling 504,682 square feet.

Q: What did those numbers look like in the year-ago quarter?

A: You can hold your mouse over the relevant numbers in our Interactive Disclosure Viewer and can see for yourself. (The data also downloads to a spreadsheet rather easily).

We did that, holding our mouse over the 41 leases announced this quarter. Figure 3, below, shows the “tag history” and tells us that in Q1-2022, SL Green had only 37 leases. 

We then dug up last year’s release, to find that those 37 leases last year covered 820,989 square feet, which means SL Green has been trimming its sails a bit — but that isn't the point of this post; the point is that Calcbench has all the information you need at your fingertips.

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