Friday, August 20, 2021

Wonderful news for financial analysts and anyone else looking for a complete picture of how Calcbench can help you research special purpose acquisition companies: we have compiled all our previous SPAC posts into one white paper, now available for download on our Research page.

Close readers of this blog might already know that earlier this summer we launched our SPAC-tacular series to study the size of the SPAC market, the disclosures that SPACs make, and other odds and ends about these firms. Altogether, the series looked at:

  • How many SPACs exist, and are making financial filings to the SEC;
  • What the financial statements of SPACs typically look like;
  • How to track IPO dates and acquisitions that SPACs make;
  • The wave of restatements that swept over SPACs earlier this year, thanks to an accounting pronouncement from the Securities and Exchange Commission;
  • The sectors into which SPAC firms “deSPAC” when they acquire operating companies (we have some great data on this); and
  • The pace of deSPAC transactions over time.

The full white paper is 21 pages, replete with examples, excerpts, charts, and data. Download, give it a read, and then drop us a line at to tell us what else about SPACs we should be researching!

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