Calcbench Launches an Excel Add-in, Giving Users Greater Flexibility & Ease-of-Use

September 10, 2014 New York, NY Calcbench, a leading financial data provider, is pleased to announce the launch of its Excel Add-in as a new way to access Calcbench’s robust, XBRL based data.

This new product gives users of financial data the ability to access data directly in Excel, as well as through the existing web interface and suite of APIs. The Add-in retains many of the website’s most powerful interactive features, such as tracing and full statement rendering. Calcbench is used by finance leaders across multiple sectors including academia, auditing, corporate finance, investment research, and the public sector.

"Our mission is simple: to empower better financial research, faster and cheaper than was possible before. Development of the Excel Add-in is the natural next step in this process," says Alex Rapp, Co-Founder and CTO of Calcbench. "We have received extremely positive feedback on this tool already."

Calcbench clients can now access the 600+ normalized accounting metrics for 9000+ publicly traded companies directly in Excel. The data includes topline metrics—such as Revenue, Assets or Liabilities—and harder-to-find footnote data—such as Work in Process Inventory, Deferred Income Tax Expense, or Product Warranty Accrual. Users can manually enter formulas in Excel, or get started by creating spreadsheets in the online portal and then exporting to Excel. In addition, users can retrieve entire financial statements directly to Excel and access thousands of as-reported metrics using XBRL tags.

The Excel Add-in is available to existing customers free of charge, and it is currently being offered to free trial users for a limited time. More information is available at:

Founded in 2011, Calcbench is the first company of its kind to fully harness the power of the new government mandated data standard XBRL, yielding an unprecedented direct line into the SEC’s corporate financial data repository. Calcbench has revolutionized the use of artificial intelligence for XBRL data extraction, allowing users to easily retrieve information and perform financial data analysis not previously possible. https://www.calcbench.comTwitter: @Calcbench


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