Monday, April 11, 2016

Astute observers of Calcbench may have noticed something lately: you found yourself saying, “Whoa, they totally changed their home page!”

Yes, about that—let’s walk you through it.

The changes can be seen on what we now call our Start page. Customers see it after you log into your subscription, or you can visit it directly at The page does look pretty different from our usual home page: we switched to a white background rather than the usual black and gold, and most notably, we present you 10 tiles that correspond to all the major functions a user typically wants to do on our site. Here is a sample image:

You can see on our traditional home page that we list four pages you can visit immediately: Companies in Detail; Normalized Data; Interactive Footnotes; and our Excel add-in. Those four pages are the same four tiles along the top of our new Start page. Click on whichever tile you need, and then you are whisked away to that page and everything else works as usual. We have not changed any of the pages that you use when searching the databases themselves, nor how the results are presented to you.

The second and third rows of tiles—Company Analytics, Segments & Breakouts, XBRL Filer Portal, and the rest—those functions have always been on the Calcbench site, and they do get used often. We simply wanted to bring them closer to the surface, so users will have a shorter trip through our website to get to the answers you need.

Below those tiles you will still find the other nifty features we always list, such as recent blog posts and our Real Time Earnings Indicator. And along the left-hand side we still have our running list of recent filings just added to our databases.

Calcbench will continue to improve our website from time to time. We also welcome your thoughts about the site—you’re the customer and the user, after all—so if you have suggestions about changes to make, information to add, typos that snuck past our editors, and so forth, drop us a line at

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