Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Tech giants Microsoft ($MSFT) and Google ($GOOG) both filed their latest quarterly earnings releases on Tuesday — giving us an excellent opportunity to showcase how Calcbench can help you dive into the details of their operating segment performance. Lots of charts and tables coming up!

For example, we looked at the segment-level disclosures in Microsoft’s earnings release, which Calcbench lets you export into Excel. With just a few keystrokes that led to Figure 1, below, which lets us see which of Microsoft’s many lines of business grew the most year over year. 

With just a few more keystrokes we then turned that table into a bar chart, see in Figure 2. (We dropped Microsoft’s smaller lines of business from this chart since they were so small compared to the larger ones.)

The above images relied on our “Export Table” function, which you can see when you hold your cursor over just about any footnote disclosure. We also have our “Export Tag History” function, which lets you export the data for one specific line item over time. We used that to conjure up Figure 3, below, which shows revenue for Microsoft’s LinkedIn subsidiary.

We’re not sure what that upward trend says about the white-collar job market these days — but clearly it tells something, and Calcbench lets you find that information double quick.

Now let’s switch to Google’s latest earnings release. Within a few minutes of that release arriving at the Securities and Exchange Commission, Calcbench had already indexed all the disclosures for presentation in our databases. For example, Figure 4, below, shows Google’s segment disclosures in our Company-in-Detail database.

You could then visit our Interactive Disclosure page to view the actual tables for Google’s segment-level disclosure as filed in the 10-K. Figure 5:

Remember, however, that some useful disclosures are reported in the earnings release; others are reported in the 10-K or the 10-Q. Your best bet is to look at both filings as they arrive— and Calcbench always has the data ready to go within a few minutes of its arrival!

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