Every now and then Calcbench reviews the time that elapses between a firm publishing its earnings release and the subsequent filing of its 10-K or 10-Q. We started this analysis back in 2016, then followed up with another look 2018, and yet another in 2020.

Now we have some fresh numbers for 2021. We looked at the most recent 10-Q filing period for 386 firms in the S&P 500; a table of our findings is below. As you can see, 63 percent of the firms in our sample filed both documents within a day of each other, and more than 40 percent filed both documents on the same day.

Still, 10.1 percent of our sample took 10 days or more after filing the earnings release to follow up with the 10-Q. This time lag makes earnings release data more important, since you can act on it quickly rather than wait for the 10-Q to be filed.

Unlike when we started tracking this data in 2016, today Calcbench collects all data in 8-K filings and provides that data to our clients so they can populate their models. So if you want to learn more, drop us an email or use the chat function on Calcbench.

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