Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Calcbench allows our users to access and analyze Segment Reporting information all within a few mouse clicks. 

 Q: What can a good segment disclosure tell you? 

 A: Here’s some simple information for a start. Segments can tell you about revenue mix. This may include product lines and/or geographies. 

 There may also be useful information about taxes included in the note. All of this data is available to Calcbench users! Here is but a small sample of what a user has access to.

When someone gets facile, they may be able to do things like this using the Calcbench Excel Add-In (www.calcbench.com/excel).

In the pictures below, we look at sales of 5 firms over three years.  The reported data is broken out by US Sales, then by US and International sales as a percent of total sales. 

We do similar charts for the Property, Plant and Equipment and Taxes paid.  Notice that Exxon Mobil has had increasing sales and lower taxes paid.  Smart accounting?  How about Apple’s effective tax rate being among the lowest of the group.  Also note that McKesson does not directly disclose an effective tax rate by NOT tagging it. 

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