Interactive Text - Disclosures & Footnotes

Introducing a completely new approach for collecting and analyzing footnotes and other company disclosures. We get you to the data faster, and make your analysis much easier. Whether you’re conducting trend or competitive analysis, strategic positioning, M&A research, or simply want to benchmark a company’s disclosure styles to its peers, Calcbench’s Disclosures & Footnotes Query, helps finance and business leaders answer their questions faster than ever before.

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Key Features What Sets Us Apart

With the ability to drill down into the footnotes of any related face financial with a single click, examine the history of any number reported in the footnote, and identify and review multiple disclosures across a set of companies in a single window, Calcbench’s Disclosures & Footnotes Query is uniquely suited to answer questions that cannot be answered with this level of granularity with any other tool.

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