Thursday, April 7, 2022

Now that proxy season is upon us and investors will start asking about executive compensation again, we want to remind Calcbench users that you can always pull together a quick summary of exec compensation from our databases with a few keystrokes.

To begin, start on our Executive Compensation page. You can reach that page by moving your cursor over the My Products menu at the top of your screen, and then scrolling down to the option that says, you guessed it, “Executive Compensation.”

The page itself is pretty straightforward. Simply enter the company or companies that you want to research in the search field, and hit enter. You’ll then get two links: one for executive compensation (that is, the CEO and other named executive officers) and another for board director compensation.

Click on either option, and the results will download onto your computer as an Excel file. That’s all there is to it.

For example, we entered “Dow Jones” in the search field, which quickly suggested “Dow Jones Industrial Average” as the group to analyze. That led us to Figure 1, below.

Then we selected the Executive Compensation option. Figure 2, below, shows the results.

Notice that we offer a lot of executive compensation data — a row for each named executive, for each year we have one file; and then columns that contain each executive’s base salary, bonus, options, equity pay, pension benefits, and other compensation. Plus a nifty total number at the end of each row, and the option to trace those numbers back to the actual filing, too.

Quick, easy, and informative! That’s how we like to serve up the data here at Calcbench, executive pay included.

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