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Some of the bigger banks give some breakout about their loan portfolio right on the balance sheet. But most don’t…they make you dig for it. So, as you can see from the above screenshots, I was looking at SIC 6021 (NATIONAL COMMERCIAL BANKS), and wanted to read about the loan portfolio details for a bunch of banks. Now we can do this instantly! Just trace the LoansOutstanding element, and click on the Find Related Disclosures link.


In the example above (ANNAPOLIS BANCORP) we get full details about the portfolio and credit quality, plus loan commitments as well in a separate note. Think about the time this would have taken before XBRL just digging for this stuff! Our goal in putting all of this information easily at your disposal is not just to allow people to do their work faster and easier, but more importantly to encourage analysis people never could have done before…they just don’t have the time. This means your work doesn’t just get easier, it gets better.

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