Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Not long ago a prospective customer asked us what makes Calcbench so special, and why someone should use our data services rather than a competitor’s. We pulled together some thoughts for that customer, and wanted to share those answers with you as well.

First, we’re fast. Our automated, AI based technology lets us scoop up and process financial data within minutes of a company submitting that data to the SEC. Compare that to the hand collecting & checking that is still the standard within the rest of the industry, and you are looking at time savings of hours, days and even weeks depending on what particular data you are looking for.

Second, our data is interactive. Just about every number you see in our databases can be traced back to the original item in the original corporate filing. We understand that you need to be able to trust the data that you see. Our tracing feature lets you take it one step further: you can trust the number, and then verify it by tracing back to the original filing. Nobody beats us on this point.

Third, we bring you data as reported. That means you get the company’s financials in original line item detail, spread over multiple time periods, but without omitting or merging any company specific or extraordinary line items. This saves analysts hours of hand entry, EVEN WHEN they have access to high end data tools. But don’t take it from us: “My students need to analyze statements "as is” without any standardization by a third party. For that purpose, Calcbench is the best resource that I have come across.“ – Dan Gode, Ph.D., NYU Stern.

Fourth, our databases allow you to search disclosures by type. Our Interactive Disclosures page lets you pull up specific types of disclosure you want to review, and to search for specific text within those disclosures. That’s how you find the juicy stuff buried in the footnotes. (Consider one example from Walmart and its anti-corruption investigation costs.) It’s not easy to do. Calcbench can do it, while many of our competitors can’t. That may be why lots of junior and mid-level analysts don’t even read the footnotes—which is a shame, because we’re all for finding out the juicy stuff in the footnotes.

Fifth, our Excel Add-In is solid. You can reap all the benefits from our first four points above, and then put all that data into Excel and keep analyzing your heart out.

That’s why we’re awesome, and we don’t see that changing any time soon.

Equity analysts, take a look at our presentation here.

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