Friday, June 17, 2016

Calcbench has integrated the disclosure/footnote page into our Excel Add-in. Now analysts can read 10-K/Q disclosures and add points to a spreadsheet without leaving Excel. 

 For instance if we find Chevron’s Derivatives and Hedging footnote and click on the receivables numbers for 2015 and 2014 formulas like

=CalcbenchXBRLTagFiscalPeriod("DerivativeInstrumentsNotDesignatedAsHedgingInstrumentsAssetAtFairValue", "CVX", 2015, "Y", "AccountsAndNotesReceivableNetMember,CommodityContractMember")

will be entered in the spreadsheet.

If you already a Calcbench subscriber you download the latest version of the Excel Add-in.  If you are not yet a Calcbench user sign up for free two week trial  to stop cutting and pasting from 10-K footnotes today.

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