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Exchange Rate Effects in Q3 2015
Friday, November 20, 2015

At Calcbench, we are constantly using our data and analytics to inform our clients and user community about economic events. As you know, since the beginning of the year, the US dollar has appreciated against world currencies by roughly 10% according to a Bloomberg index.

As the third quarter filing season comes to a close, we are able to catch a glimpse of how this directly affects US Corporations. Below is a chart that shows the 3rd quarter losses of the 8 industries that lost the most (in aggregate). As you can see, Pharma Prep and Motor Vehicles and Electronics lost the most in dollar terms, but the pharma losses are spread among 18 firms whereas motor vehicles only has 3.  Electronic Equipment is also suffering with 2 firms in the sample, but only one General Electric, contributes with a $630 Million loss.    

Below is a list of the top 10 firms that have the most significant currency impact to their foreign cash because of a strong US dollar. Now try doing that without XBRL!

Company Rptd Exchange Rate Effect (USD) SharesOutstanding Currency Impact to Cash Per Share
Abbott Laboratories -$99,000,000 1,491,719,891 -$0.07
AbbVie Inc. -$21,000,000 1,634,746,917 -$0.01
Celgene Corp /DE/ -$10,400,000 785,654,567 -$0.01
Johnson & Johnson -$299,000,000 2,766,943,629 -$0.11
Lilly Eli & Co -$16,100,000 1,108,076,549 -$0.01
Merck & Co., Inc. -$85,000,000 2,793,543,137 -$0.03
Mylan N.V. -$23,900,000 491,747,016 -$0.05
PERRIGO Co plc -$10,100,000 146,400,000 -$0.07
Pfizer Inc -$84,000,000 6,173,001,952 -$0.01
Zoetis Inc. -$10,000,000 498,333,086 -$0.02

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