In our continuous effort to improve the functionality of our tools, we have just added an easy way to get the “most recent” periods in our Excel Add-In.

The main advantage of this set up is that you can embed these formulas in your worksheet and it would be automatically updated with the latest information every time you go in to the file.

So for example, if you are looking for Microsoft’s Revenue in the most recent year, you could enter

=CalcbenchData(“Revenue”, “MSFT”, 0, “MRY”)

Similarly, if you want the most recent quarter, or most recent trailing 12 months, it would be:

=CalcbenchData(“Revenue”, “MSFT”, 0, “MRQ”)

=CalcbenchData(“Revenue”, “MSFT”, 0, “MRQ TTM”)

The advantage of this format is that you can easily go beyond the latest period to earlier periods. For example:

=CalcbenchData(“Revenue”, “MSFT”, 1, “MRQ”)

would be for 1 quarter prior to most recent quarter.

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