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      The biggest value we get from Calcbench is gaining better access to hard-to-find footnote data that we use in our research. Calcbench is making great strides in how industry can leverage XBRL data to improve access to valuable financial information, and we are pleased to be working with them."
– David Zion,
ISI Group, Head of Accounting & Tax Research

      Calcbench is a practical platform that helps me with my financial benchmarking. I use Calcbench to efficiently gather competitor’s data so that I can compare us against our peers on an ongoing basis. After reviewing other tools on the market, I chose Calcbench, as I was immediately impressed by its flexibility and ease of use."
– Financial Executive,
Aerospace and Defense Manufacturer

About Us

Founded in 2011, Calcbench is the first company of its kind to fully harness the power of the new government mandated data standard XBRL, yielding an unprecedented direct line into the SEC’s corporate financial data repository.

Calcbench’s interactive data platform enables finance leaders to access and analyze financial data thoroughly and efficiently. Our accessible and intuitive platform can aid in better understanding competitor financials, identifying potential risk areas, analyzing trends across industry sectors, or conducting more effective due diligence.

Calcbench is a proud member of the Financial Accounting Standards Board's Taxonomy Advisory Group, and XBRL US. To keep in touch, follow us on Twitter, or join our Users Group.

Leadership Team

Pranav Ghai
CEO & Co-Founder
Pranav is an analytics professional who has built expert systems that interact with information to return actionable ideas. The majority of Pranav’s professional career has been based in financial services, with time spent at Morgan Stanley and ITG. He is also a contributing member to the Microsoft Technical Computing Customer Advisory Board. Pranav graduated with a BS from Bates College and an MS in Applied Mathematics from the Courant Institute at New York University. In his free time, Pranav enjoys family time and biking. He is also an avid sports fan, loving teams that don't always love back.

Alex Rapp
President, CTO & Co-Founder
Alex has 15 years of experience in innovation and problem solving in the financial services, communications, and mobile/wireless industries. He holds a BS in math and computer science from Bates College and an MBA from Boston University. Alex directs the designing and building of Calcbench’s artificial intelligence tools used to bring XBRL to life. He is also a member of FASBs Taxonomy Working Group.

Ariel Markelevich, Ph.D., CMA
Chief Product Development Officer
Ariel leads the company’s efforts to create easy to use benchmarking, valuation, and analysis tools for finance professionals. He is also an Associate Professor of Accounting at the Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University in Boston, MA. Ariel has devoted his research agenda over the last few years to the study of XBRL and serves on XBRL US’s Communication Steering Committee and on the IMA’s XBRL Advisory Committee. In his free time, Ariel enjoys making beer and kicking up his feet with a good book.

Andrew Kittredge
Senior Software Engineer & Financial Analyst
Andrew joined CalcBench from FlipKey/TripAdvisor. Prior to 2009 he was in finance at eSecLending and Numeric Investors. He has a BA in Economics from Gettysburg College and a MA in Computer Science from Boston University’s Metro College. Andrew passed the third Chartered Financial Analyst exam in 2012. In his free time he enjoys surfing and playing basketball.

Calcbench History

After the accounting scandals in the early 2000s, the SEC pushed to make financial statements digital in an effort to show more transparency in company filings, resulting in the development of XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language), a ‘machine readable’ format for financial reporting that is now required for use by the SEC for all U.S. public companies.

In the midst of these government mandates, Pranav and Alex, former college roommates, reunited in order to enter the XBRL Challenge, a contest run by industry association, XBRL-US. After taking first prize, they decided to formalize the company and take their creation to market, in the hopes of greatly reducing the time and effort analysts, accountants, and other financial professionals spend digging through public company filings. Thus began the origins of Calcbench.

How It Works